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We have a bruden for a lost and dying world and reach them through numerous church palntings. We are one church with may locations. We endeavour through our Churches to bring individuals to spiritual maturity and to launch them into their high callings and ministries.


We believe that praching and teaching on the goodness of God and an acitve display of His presence is the determing factor in turning towards Him.


Our Vision


To use whatever Biblical methods to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus

This church is a Place of Grace where you are accepted by God the way you are and not the way you should be! We believ that there are two kingdoms, that they are opposite but not equal, as light resists darkness at 186 000 miles per second.


We are a multi-ethnical church that stimulates only one culture and that is the culture of the Kingdom of God!


We believe that our primary mandate is to establish Gods Kingdom on earth.



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